COVID-19 is an ever changing landscape. We are keeping our eyes on the relevant health advice to make a safe conference for all attendees. 

Y21 Update

As you are probably aware, the NSW Government made an announcement this week to change the rules in relation to the freedoms of unvaccinated people. 

The Y21 team has worked for the last 3 years to bring together a conference for our young people to spend time focussing on God and the bible. The recent announcement has changed our plans for the December version of this conference - which is the 4th conference week we have planned. 

We hope that this email explains the decision the Y21 team have made as we endeavour to get as many people to conference as possible. The team is exhausted but determined to serve our young people and help them on the road to God's kingdom. 

What has changed? 

The NSW Government has announced that the freedoms for unvaccinated people that were originally planned to happen on December 1st has been pushed back to December 15, or a 95% vaccination rate for NSW. 

This means that only fully vaccinated people will be able to attend our conference.

the nitty gritty

The Y21 team has looked at all possible COVID-19 classifications for our conference, including Place of Worship, as we tried to find the best solution for all our attendees. We are not able to classify our conference as a Place of Worship as doing so would impose density restrictions only allowing 90 attendees. 

The only COVID-19 classification that will allow our event to run has no exemptions for unvaccinated people. 

What now?

If you are fully vaccinated (or you have a medical exemption certificate) nothing has changed for you. Y21 is still running from the 11th - 19th of December. We will send out another email shortly with more information. Thank you for your patience as we work around yet another change. 

If you are not fully vaccinated you will not be able to attend conference for the entire week. 

The Y21 team understands that the decision made by the NSW Government will be very disappointing for some of our attendees. 

With that in mind, we would like to offer all unvaccinated attendees a chance to join the conference on Wednesday 15th December as the restrictions for unvaccinated people will have lifted by that stage. 

ACTION REQUIRED: If you are not vaccinated and would like to attend conference from Wednesday, please email us as we have special circumstances surrounding your booking that we need you to be aware of. 



Planning a youth conference throughout a global pandemic has been an incredibly difficult task for our team. We have struggled to keep our bookings, reconfirm for July, September and now December. Our team has been disappointed time and time again with the ever changing landscape of COVID-19. 

However, the team has decided to keep on going with our efforts as we know how beneficial youth conferences are for our young people. We hope and pray for the success of our conference in December and ask that you remember us in your prayers as we enter the final stages (again) of planning the week. 

Love in Jesus,
The Y21 Team