Y21 Guidelines

The purpose of Y21 is to create a positive spiritual and social experience for young people. To work towards this goal and ensure that the venue, our hosts, committee and attendees have an uplifting week, we ask that all our attendees follow the guidelines as set out below. 


  1. Be kind and treat others the way you would like to be treated, acting in a Christ like manner at all times

  2. Show respect for the hosts & committee

  3. Show respect and appreciation for the presenters and any session facilitators

  4. Respect the venue & its property

  5. Arrive to all activities on time

  6. Dress modestly at all times

  7. Look for opportunities to be inclusive


  1. Enter the rooms of the opposite gender

  2. Bring or use alcohol, tobacco or recreational drugs

  3. Bring or use weapons or firearms

  4. Leave the conference venue without seeking permission from hosts

  5. Act or speak in any way that may make another attendee feel unsafe or unwanted

By booking into Y21 you have agreed to do your best to follow these guidelines.